Development log

Here we’ll post updates about what we’re working on and what we have planned.

To start 2023 we’re focusing heavily on the onboarding experience and marketing Polyglatte. There’s lots more to do but we’re at a point that we’re doing a disservice to the language learning community by not promoting what we’ve built. Polyglatte can provide a lot of value to a lot of people but due to being introverts and builders it’s been difficult for us to promote ourselves.

We have some small feature work in progress, but the overriding focus is on getting users and helping our existing users to have a better time and learn how to use Polyglatte.

We just launched a guide to explain the concepts of Polyglatte. Check it out at Polyglatte Guide. I think Polyglatte Guide in particular is very cool.

We also shipped some big bug fixes and general improvements.

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